JA comes to Jackson
By Sue McClernan


School District 11 employee/ volunteer Ronda Schimpf works with Jackson Elementary first-graders during Junior Achievement's JA Day at the school in December.
Courtesy of Sue McClernan
In December, Junior Achievement of Southern Colorado, Inc. (JA) came to Jackson Elementary School to teach students about the real world of business.
       During the one-day event, called “JA in a Day,” students learned economic concepts, including financial literacy, work readiness and entrepreneurship in a hands-on, fun way.
       Second grade students in the “Our Community” program ran a doughnut shop, created jobs, and generated tax revenue to pay for improvements in the community - all while learning how money moves in an economy. They enjoyed taking on the roles of mayor, baker, sheriff, teacher, banker, etc. in a simulated community to experience the economy in action.
       Third-grade students mapped out city zones, created businesses, ran a restaurant, created a class newspaper and received paychecks.
       The school was very welcoming. Aiding JA and the Jackson teachers were several District 11 employees. According to LouAnn Dekleva, who directs D-11 volunteer services, they were given paid leave from their normal jobs that day as part of an ongoing program through which district employees “become engaged in our schools as volunteers throughout the system.”
       To learn more about Junior Achievement of Southern Colorado, call 636-2474.

Sue McClernan is manager of educator relations at Junior Achievement.