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Westside Pioneer to print 6 times in 2015; next issue comes out Jan. 14

       The next printed Westside Pioneer will appear Jan. 14.
       Continuing an 11-year tradition of covering news for the Colorado Springs Westside, a new issue will be printed every two months in 2015.
       Continuing unchanged will be the online website at westsidepioneer.com, which is updated daily with Westside news.
       The planned print run for the January-March edition is 11,000. As in the past, copies will be available at more than 50 outlets, including King Soopers and
This was Page 1 of the last weekly edition of the Westside Pioneer Dec. 19, 2013. The top of the page announced that it was the "last print edition," which turned out to be an incorrect prediction.
Westside Pioneer composition
Safeway. One of the main stories will be the paper's annual "Stories of the Year," with summaries of what the Pioneer sees as the top 20 Westside news topics in 2014.
       The other print editions will come out in March, May, July, September and November, according to the Jordan family that owns and operates the Pioneer .
       The 2015 print announcement comes almost exactly a year after the Pioneer began implementing what was then a plan to go completely online after a decade as a weekly paper. The reasoning at that time was that all-online made sense based on modern technological and social trends; also, printing weekly with such a small staff had become a strain for reasons of personal health and increasing costs/issues related to printing and mass-mailing.
       The all-online plan ended last May when the Jordans - after hearing from many people wanting a Westside paper they could “hold in their hands” - produced their first print issue since the last weekly on Dec. 19, 2013. This was followed by editions last August and November.
       In August, the publishers announced that the Pioneer would print every three months. But that didn't seem quite often enough, Pioneer co- publisher Kenyon Jordan said, after reflecting on news flow and the encouraging print-reader response.
       “It's often said that 'everyone's online now,' but that's not entirely true,” he elaborated. “Some readers - as well as advertisers - prefer online, some prefer print and some like both. Between the two formats, we think we're reaching more readers overall. Basically, we're just trying to keep up without going completely insane.”
       As for the cost situation, the publishers believe that printing 6 times a year (instead of 50 when the Pioneer was a weekly) will be less of a burden.
       And, without paid subscriptions (never more than a break-even scenario), mass- mailing problems no longer exist. As it is, anyone who would like a print edition can have it mailed first-class anywhere in the U.S. for $3.
       For more information, call the Pioneer at 471-6776 or e-mail editor@westsidepioneer.com (for news) or ap@westsidepioneer.com (for ads).

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(Posted 1/6/15; Business: Changes)

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