COBWEB CORNERS: Streets changed with annexation

By Mel McFarland

       In 1917 the City of Colorado City was annexed to Colorado Springs. There were problems to be considered. One was street names, another was house numbers, and both took years to sort out.
       It took a city ordinance to officially make the changes. Huerfano Street in Colorado Springs took the name from Colorado City's Colorado Avenue. West of Colorado City, Manitou Road also became Colorado Avenue. Washington became Cucharas (now with two r's). Hayes Avenue in Colorado Springs became Vermijo with Midland and Grant avenues in Colorado City. Telluride in Colorado City became Sheldon. Main in Colorado City became Bott Avenue. Various streets in Colorado Springs were linked to Lincoln and El Paso to become West Pikes Peak. Lincoln Street in Colorado Springs was linked to Jefferson in Colorado City to become Kiowa. Park Street in Colorado Springs and Monroe in Colorado City were joined to become Bijou. Rosita in Colorado Springs and Jackson in Colorado City took the name Platte. Elm in Colorado Springs and Rosita in Colorado City became the new Boulder. Ash Street in Colorado Springs and Plateau in Colorado City became St. Vrain.
       The largest change in Colorado City was to its numbered streets. These had already been confusing. In the original plat, the numbers started at what is now Bancroft Park. The street just west of it, which now is Colbrunn, was West First. The street just east, now 24th, was East First. Colorado City had changed this in the 1890s to a single set of numbers, with First Street assigned to present-day 21st, and the numbers going up as they went west. In the annexation, First became 21st, and generally 20 was added to each existing number, except what is now Colbrunn. The numbered-streets concept continued for every street west to Adams Crossing (Colorado Avenue at Columbia Road) and east to Seventh Street. The odd street, Limit, had been the limit between the cities.
       To match Colorado Springs, Colorado City houses with odd numbers were changed to even, and the evens to odd. It really makes researching houses fun! Even today the city has some duplicate street names, such as Chambers. Also, there are numbered streets in the north end of Colorado Springs that came with the annexation of Papetown.