Christmas ‘Miracle’ saves Silver Key from making program cuts

       The Christmas season brought a “miracle” to Silver Key Senior Services, according to Mikki Kraushshaar, agency president and chief executive officer.
       In mid-December, she told the Westside Pioneer that the agency faced possible program cuts in 2004 because its donations were $100,000 short of the $2 million neeeded for its annual costs. However, she reported just before New Year’s, “We’re pulling out of it by a miracle. I always believe in miracles. People were so generous in December. It’s been a difficult year for Silver Key to meet the many challenges, but hard work and faith have prevailed once again.”
       Two of the biggest boons for the private agency for the elderly were bequests from wills. “We have touched a lot of people’s lives, and this was their way of saying thank you, Kraushaar said. She added her regret that “I never get to thank them for such wonderful support.” Although the final budget calculations were not yet complete, she said she thinks Silver Key is “going to be very, very, very close, and thank God for that.”
       Otherwise, she said, “The only way is to cut programs, and I don’t want to do that because the elderly need those programs. That’s why it breaks my heart when we go through these periods of financial insecurity.”
       She added her hope “the generosity will continue” in the coming year.
       Along with private donations, Silver Key also receives financial assistance from the city, United Way and the Area Agency on Aging. Silver Key assisted more than 16,000 elderly in the region in 2003, according to Kraushaar.

Westside Pioneer article