Happy New Year, happy new paper!
By Kenyon Jordan, Editor/Publisher

       Welcome to the first issue of the Westside Pioneer.
        Our goal is simple: to provide the Westside – arguably the most unique area of Colorado Springs – with its own newspaper.
       Let the big dailies tell you about the United Nations and economic trends and the latest quote from the governor. We’re here to talk about the Westside, its people, its schools, its businesses and its activities. But if the governor or the United Nations plan anything for this side of town, we’ll certainly be there to report on it.
       We’re going to be small at first. This is a “mom-and-pop” paper, not a big chain. I am in this with my wife, Therese, and sons, Travers and Rioux. We are long-time Westsiders, with residency dating back to the early ‘70s, becoming permanent in the mid-’80s. Both boys were born in Colorado Springs. My journalistic life has included sojourns at the Gazette, Canon City Daily Record, the Pikes Peak Journal/ Westside Story/ Cheyenne Journal and, most recently, as editor of the Tri-Lakes Tribune in Monument.
       We plan to keep the paper free and support it through advertising. We’ll cover news the old-fashioned way – empty of bias and hopefully full of usable information. As for sensationalism, fear-pandering and negativity, we’ll leave that to the big papers, too.
        The uniqueness of the Westside may be the strongest reason for having its own weekly newspaper. I thought I had a fair idea of what’s going on here, but in gathering news for this first issue, I realized I didn’t know the half of it. In Old Colorado City and the Victorian houses, we’ve got history to shop and live in. We’re blessed with natural wonders – the Garden of the Gods, Sondermann Park, Bear Creek Park and (coming soon) Red Rock Canyon. We’ve got the annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade and Territory Days. We’ve got the West Intergenerational Center, combining young students with old. We’ve got a Carnegie-built library, two nature centers, Silver Key, the (under construction) Midland Trail, the Old Colorado City History Center, plucky business owners, artists galore and some of the most graceful neighborhoods in town.
        Truly, it is a privilege to be able to publish a newspaper for this fair corner of the world. Let us hear back from you. We’d like to know what you think.