Midland Trail to 21st Street to be ready by April

       Although crews are currently “waiting on warmer weather, work on the Midland Trail between Chestnut and 21st streets is expected to “wrap up for sure” in April, according to Christian Lieber.
       Lieber, trails coordinator for the Colorado Springs Parks and Recreation Department, said the preliminary trail work – including grading, fence installation, trash removal and tree-trimming – was completed last fall.
       The two-mile trail, which follows the old railroad right of way generally paralleling Fountain Creek, will consist of two surface types, he said. The larger part will be like a sidewalk, 12-foot-wide and made of concrete. Beside it will be a 4-foot-wide path with a softer surface of crushed gravel (also called crusher fines).
       The concrete is expected to be used by walkers and bicyclists, with sufficient width to avoid collisions. The crusher-fines trail will be more likely used by runners and horseback riders, Lieber said.
       The trail development culminates master-planning efforts, including input from Westsiders, dating back some 20 years. The last train on the rail line ran in 1949. The old Midland Terminal Railway yards were located off 21st Street (where Van Briggle Pottery and Ghost Town are now).
       “The trail is intended to fit in with the fabric of the community,” Lieber said. “We see most use coming from the neighborhoods.” Lieber said the city hopes to continue the trail west to Manitou Springs within two years,. but there are still issues of funding and negotiating certain rights of way.
       Funding for the current work came from three primary sources – the Trails, Open Space and Parks (TOPS) sales tax, federal grant money for alternative forms of transportation and state GOCO money.

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