4,000 presents grow from Silver Key’s 'Giving Tree'

       Silver Key's Giving Tree gave again this Christmas.
       Some 4,000 wrapped Christmas presents went out to needy senior citizens around Colorado Springs, courtesy of generous area residents and Silver Key Senior Services, a privately run agency for the elderly located in the Midland area of the Westside.
        "The elderly ask for very simple things," said Mikki Kraushshaar, Silver Key president and chief executive officer. "Many of them are at that level where what's most important is a gesture of remembrance."
       Typical items were bath towels, sweaters, gloves and stuffed animals.
       The Giving Tree effort, as it has every year since 1979, began a few weeks before Christmas. At 74 locations around town, trees were set up, bearing ornaments made by Girl Scouts. Each ornament was tagged with a Christmas-present wish from a senior.
        Public-spirited citizens picked ornaments from the trees, bought the requested gifts, wrapped them and brought them to Silver Key. The agency then matched up the presents with those who asked for them. Delivery to the recipients' homes, also organized by Silver Key, was handled by "volunteer Kris Kringles," as Kraushaar called them.

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