So let’s exchange,already

       First issue of the Westside Pioneer, first time with this column. Where to begin? How about with the title of this page? Typically, newspapers give monickers such as “Editorial” or “Opinion” or “Commentary” to pages such as this one. But during the planning for this paper, I kept thinking about the concept and finally realized it wasn’t just opinions I wanted for this page – either from myself or anyone else.
       When do positive things happen in this world? It’s when people present ideas to other people and listen thoughtfully to their feedback. This type of exchange can happen in a zillion different settings – meetings, casual conversations, e-mails/letters – but a newspaper just happens to have the added oomph of reaching a bunch of people.
       That’s why, to cut to the chase, I’ve titled this page “Idea Exchange.” Because that’s what would be great to see here: ideas that could potentially help us all out. The one caveat is that, being the paper we are, I’d like to limit the discussion to Westside topics. There are plenty to choose from. Here are just a few that popped up while working on this issue: the revitalization of the area’s elementary schools, developmental infill, the Red Rock Canyon open-space plan, increases in traffic, the Midland Trail project, neighborhood concerns... even the closing times of local shops (as mentioned at right in our “Meet a Westsider”).
       We do have some rules for letters. Stay under 300 words (true, the letter in this issue is longer than that, but I’ve known Randy Fritz and I honor his efforts and, well, there are exceptions to every rule). Also, we reserve the right to edit letters for grammar, punctuation and spelling. Letters that are obscene or clearly non-factual will be rejected. The deadline for our Thursday paper is Monday at 5 p.m.
        Looking forward to hearing from you.

- K.J.

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