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November 20th, 2008              Your weekly news source for the Colorado Springs Westside -- Online Edition              Volume 5, Number 45

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Welcome to the Westside?

'Holiday Magic' - new event by Old Town merchants

Try for open space falters: Subdivision now seen for White Acres

Pike's CSAP scores make it top Title 1 school in state

Push the button... and keep looking both ways: New pedestrian light at 24th and Colorado

EDITOR'S DESK: The White Acres stand-off

What do you do? John M. Karle

COBWEB CORNERS: A forgotten explorer

Reutilization: Board, staff talk about moving magnets from Westside schools

Update on Pleasant Valley

Come to the library... for art

Church fixes wall above shopping center

Goodwill gets into the bus business

Silver Key ponders transportation future

Historical Society hatching plans for Colorado City's 150th; Informational monument planned next to cabin

Biz Buzz: Assistant inkeeper wins state award

In memoriam: Longtime Westsider Eugene Lindsey

Bear looks hungry? Just say no

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