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October 20th, 2005                 Your weekly news source for the Colorado Springs Westside -- Online Edition               Volume 2, Number 41

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Territory Days takes heat from neighbors; Merchants to study ways to lessen annual event's impacts

Pocket change adds up; 7 Westside schools join in relief effort

A woman of mystery passes: Edna Pooler remembered for 'greeter' efforts in two towns... but who was she, really?

Grading to start soon for future Westside medical facility, Centennial extension

EDITOR'S DESK: The downside of Territory Days

What do you do? Elizabeth Kahn

COBWEB CORNERS: The forgotten importance of coal

Letters: From Judith Kasten and Patty Strauch

1 1/2 years later, Bestway pleased with results at parking-lot recycle bins

Checking out the rolling stock

Peak Street returns to Bancroft: Event Oct. 29 again expected to attract 1,000 kids, plus their parents

'Casitas' project may start this month

Santa at Bancroft may have to relocate; Reason: Potential 167% hike in rental fees for Old Town park

Plants replace pavement at Old Town Plaza

OWN Spirit Award nominations will be accepted until Oct. 31

Volunteering: 'Poker run' for injured man involves 3 Westside bars

City still offering no-interest rehab loans... for now

Perhaps pondering the properties of pavement

Westside schools: Pike adds second kindergarten classroom

Bear Creek volunteer class Oct. 22

Volunteers do goats' work to stop weeds; Natural control is working (but expensive) at Bear Creek Park

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