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June 2nd, 2011                    Your weekly news source for the Colorado Springs Westside -- Online Edition                    Volume 8, Number 21

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Another 'blow-out' for T-Days

BV receives 6th grade approval; offers idea for Rock Ledge 'partnership'

District 1's Hente elected 1st City Council president

EDITOR'S DESK: Territory Days - a grown-up field trip

What do you do? Joanna Popiel

COBWEB CORNERS: All he wanted was a train to Divide

Summer schedule starts up at Westside Center

Letters: Support for bike giveaway program from Carla DeKalb

1,800 cyclists possible for annual 'Spectacular'

Westside Briefs: June 11 start for Farmers' Market

Biz Buzz: New outdoor patio at market/restaurant

In memoriam: Vernice Dunbar

Different 'Art on Mesa' at Gold Hill Mesa June 3

Lifelong outdoors interest for new Nature Center supervisor

District 11 cuts $305,000 in 'redundant' jobs at West building

Extra RMFI workday in social-trail effort at GoG

'Not like a fairy tale:' Some happy news, some sad, as daughter, abandoned as infant, reunites with Korean birth family

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