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March 8th, 2007                    Your weekly news source for the Colorado Springs Westside -- Online Edition                    Volume 4, Number 9

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Those were the days (what days?) - the hazy origins of Old Town's St. Patrick's Day Parade

Despite informal boycott by some Westsiders, Downtown parade entries reach limit

New Bijou bridge rising from rubble of old

Gold Hill substation marks first year on the Westside

Longs stores leaving Colo., Westside by fall

EDITOR'S DESK: The weekly high-buttoned shoe

What do you do? Bonnie Frum

COBWEB CORNERS: A breakfast story

GUEST COLUMN: Hwy 24 Greenway worth considering by Dave Hughes

Letters: Kiowa project needed citizen review from Roger Christensen

7 Coronado musicians named All-State

Still waiting on building permit, library sends out some programs

Biz Buzz: King Soopers reno to last till June

Alexander Film Co. remembered

Midland celebrates 50th year of the 'Cat'

Westside schools: West equal to all but one math team

New dates for Cimarron bridge demo; free parking still on March 10

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