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2/8/16: Construction starting on $10M GoG Club health and wellness center; will be open to community

2/8/16: Letter: Handouts to beggars worsen their problems... city's too

2/9/16: Local, county, state collaboration urged in fixing recently revealed Springs VA Clinic issues

2/9/16: Public meeting Feb. 17 on proposed one-block expansion of OCC's Parking Exempt Overlay

2/10/16: Presentation by Homeless Outreach Team officer at Gold Hill Police Station Feb. 18

2/11/16: Seeking federal grant, city drafts EA for Camp Creek upgrades; public can comment

2/12/16: Board other than City Council over Springs Utilities? Citizen feedback welcomed on idea

2/12/16: Store owner: CDOT left-turn denial at Fillmore/Sinton hurting business

2/13/16: Westside 'lutherie' hand-builds/repairs guitars, other string instruments