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February 7th, 2008                  Your weekly news source for the Colorado Springs Westside -- Online Edition                  Volume 5, Number 5

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Wind power could blow in electric rate increase: Another new Utilities cost: $750,000 for certificates to meet state's 'renewable' energy requirement this year

Ready in case of trouble

Constitution extension reappears in PPACG plan

New Station 5 bay: built for more than bowling balls

EDITOR'S DESK: It's so easy, being green

What do you do? Alain Le Lait

COBWEB CORNERS: Another Sergeant O'Keefe story

'Railroads, Mills and Quarries': McFarland to speak on early Colorado City industries

Letters: Operation Christmas Child success from Andrea Uhl

Recycle center at Red Rock center closes

Opening nears for 3rd office building off Centennial Boulevard, north of Fillmore

Finally, a footbridge fix on 31st

Public can comment on 2035 transpo plan

Bighorn Sheep Day at Garden Visitor Center

Nature Center volunteer training

Community garden at Buena Vista set to start March 1

Good chemistry at the Nature Center

Remodeling underway for new Boy Scout building

Responses to Utilities 'Green Power' survey show strong support for renewable energy

'Be Red Cross Ready' is class goal

Biz Buzz: New flavor for opera; tattoo convention

Bristol in event for magnet schools

Rock-climbing talk in GoG Lecture Series

Division of Wildlife: Don't feed deer

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