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January 10th, 2008                 Your weekly news source for the Colorado Springs Westside -- Online Edition                 Volume 5, Number 1

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$ucce$$ for Red Rock pavilion

Large homebuilding project proposed at Fillmore and Mesa

'No Man's Land' cost estimate up to $5.25M: But hoped-for CDOT grant remains on hold

Fallen pole suspected as fire's spark

EDITOR'S DESK: That supporting-our-advertisers thing

What do you do? Joanne Karlson

COBWEB CORNERS: A hidden object in plain sight

City staff heads to be at community meeting

Letters: Salute to city workers' efforts in blaze from Bradley Excavating, Inc.

Letters: Call to preserve Bock bomb shelter from Don Ellis

Texas-created Rudy's restaurant, 4 new storage buildings proposed southeast of 31st and Hwy 24

County has to replace bridge into RV park

Squirrel scare over in Pleasant Valley

COSMIX: Nothing broken for glass business

'It isn't what we do': Recent massage parlor bust offends Westside therapy school leaders

Biz Buzz: OCCA board gives Heikes 2nd term

Swifter grafitti removal pledged: Code Enforcement directing pilot program led by its own employee

Transpo plan open house

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